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At the 1st session of the council, the Council of the Institue was approved in the following composition. 

As representatives of the founder:

  • Neža Božnar
  • Majda Podobnik
  • Milena Pelipenko
  • Janez Šturm

Culture Representative:

  • Marjeta Šifrar

Tourism Representative:

  • Klavdija Filipič

Employee Representative:

  • Jure Ferlan


Milena Pelipenko was elected president of the council, and Neža Božnar was elected deputy president.

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Catalogue of open competition of the public institution Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane Valley

 1. Basic information about the catalogue                  
Name of the authority:  Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane Valley          
Address: Poljanska cesta 87, 4224 Gorenja vas            
Responsible person: Tomaž Trobiš, acting director              
Phone: +386 31 720 573                
identification number: 8014485000                
Indentification No.: For VAT (tax): SI13733974                
Bank account number: SI56 0122 7600 0000008, Bank of Slovenia          
Date of first publication of the catalogue: 1 January 2018                
Last modify date: 16 December 2019                
Catalogue available at:            
 2. General data on the institution and information of the open competition at its disposal      
 2.a Organization chart and organization data                  
Brief description of the field of work: The field of work of the institute is determined by the Decree on the establishment of the public institution Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane valley
The bodies of the Institute are: The council of the Institute                
  The council of the institute consists of seven members with a 4-year term      
  Representative of the founder: Milena Pelipenko - president, Neža Buh - vice president, Majda Podobnik, Janez Šturm
  Representatives of associations: Marjeta Šifrar, Klavdija Filipič        
  Employee representative: Jure Ferlan
  Acting director: Tomaž Trobiš            
 2.b Contact information of the person responsible for providing the information              
Name of the person in charge Tomaž Trobiš, acting director              
  Institute for Toruism and Culture Poljane Valley, Poljanska cesta 87, 4224 Gorenja vas  
  Phone: +386 31 720 573, email:    
 2.c List of laws, by-laws, and regulations in the field of work of the institute     
Legal acts: Institutions Act              
  Acto on the Realisation of the Public Interest in Cultre        
  Sports Act                
  Toruism Development Promotion Act          
Constituent acts: Decree on the establishment of the public institution "Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane Valley"  
Internal acts: Statute of the Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane Valley        
  Rules on the internal organisation and systematisation of jobs of the Public Insitution "Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane Valley"
  Rules on the prevention and elimination of the consequences of harassment at the workplace and the protection of the dignity of employees at work at the "Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane Valley"                
  Rules of procedure of the Council of the Institute - Institute for Tourism and Culture Poljane Valley                
 2.d Sessions of the Council of the Institute                  
Sessions of the Council:                   
 2.e List of strategic and programming documents                
List: Visoko Manor Management Plan            
  Toruism development and marketin strategy for the Škofja Loka area for the period 2014 to 2020  
  Work and development programme of the Poljane Valley Institute 2018 - 2023      
  Annual report for 2017                
  Annuala report for 2018            
  Content and financal work plan for 2019                
 2.f The most important content sets of other information of a public nature, i.e. a list of individual documents      
Information sets: Vacancies - CURRENTLY NO PUBLICATIONS            
  Other calls and invitations to participate          
 3. Description of how to access public information                
Description of access to individual sets of information: online on the website:       
  via email to:      
  in writing to the address: Zavod Poljanska dolina, Poljanska cesta 87, 4224 Gorenja vas    
  in person at the municipal headquarters: during office hours          
 4. List of the most frequently requested information of a public nature                
List of information: Occupancy of the hayrack next to the Visoko Manor (for renting)        
  Occupancy of the exhibition gallery in Šubic House (possibility of setting up an exhibition)    
  Tourist guide options              
  Type and price of tourist itemes            
  Information regarding the tour of Rupnik Line, Visoko Manor and Šubic House    


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Why is Stari vrh so appealing in all seasons?

Stari vrh is a popular destination in all seasons. In the winter, you can test your skills on the white slopes, while the rest of the year you can walk along the hiking trails, visit the Stari vrh Family-Adventure Park, or simply refresh yourself in the hut just below the peak. If you plan on staying in Stari vrh for several days, there are numerous friendly providers in the surrounding area.

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