Promise your loyalty to each other in the ambience of the Visoko Manor

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Lucija Kavčič

Lucija Kavčič

The Visoko Manor is a mighty country building with several attached buildings in Visoko pri Poljanah in the Poljanska Valley. It is one of the most important architectural monuments in our country, as it represents the building of the richest members of the peasant class in the second half of the 18th century. It has been declared a cultural monument of national importance, with the aim of preserving the originally designed space as a cultural value.  





The wedding at the Visoko Manor is performed according to a special wedding protocol led by the Lord of Visoko, Dr. Ivan Tavčar. The latter wrote many beautiful stories, but his life with his wife Franja was the most beautiful. His pen will surely help you write a happy marriage. You can promise your loyalty to each other in a beautiful wedding hall with rich ceiling and wall paintings or outdoors.   


Wedding Hall, author: Boris Oblak


You can choose between an outdoor wedding under the mighty hayrack of Visoko or under the pavilion in an embrace of the surrounding hills and forests with a view of the early Baroque church of St. Volbenk  


The church of St. Volbenk with the Visoko Manor in the background, author: Jošt Gantar


At the request of the newlyweds, they can arrive in front of the Visoko Manor by a luxurious carriage with an experienced coachman, where they are welcomed by the owner of Visoko himself, Dr. Ivan Tavčar. To the beautiful sounds of the eternal melody of the Blossoms in Autumn, conjured by zither, they exchange wedding vows and rings. The newlyweds in company with best man and parents’ toasts with sparkling wine, mead from under the Blegoš or with the special house cocktail »Blossoms in Autumn«, with a hint of flowers from under Blegoš, between Tavčar's tulip tree on the one side and the wonderful view of the church of St. Volbenk on the other side. 


House cocktail "Blossoms in Autumn", author: Ana Bulat


The Lord of Visoko gives the newlyweds a few heartwarming tips for a happy marriage and a gift of love – an oleander flower made of lace. The story of the oleander comes from the time when Ivan Tavčar courted to his future wife Franja at the Ljubljana market, where she was selling flowers. Tavčar didn't want to buy anything, he only wanted her oleander flower, which she wore in her hair.  


Oleander flower, author: archive of Institute Poljanska Valley


After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds can stay in the idyllic natural surroundings of the Visoko Manor or in the shelter of the hayrack and finish the ceremony with a feast. The entire wedding ceremony at Visoko will surely be etched on the newlyweds memory, and they would like to reminisce the memories of the beginning of their marriage during their collective life path.  


Poljanska Sora river with the Visoko Manor in the background, author: Sašo Kočevar

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