Why is the Poljanska Valley so attractive for hikers?

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Jošt Gantar

Jošt Gantar

The Gorenja vas - Poljane Municipal Walking Circle leads the visitor roughly along the borders of eponymous municipality seeking out the finest spots with the loveliest views where cyclists might stop, have a look around, get some rest and enjoys a snack. The charming and safe trails leads hikers past monuments of cultural and historical importance as well as places offering overnight accommodation, food, and beautiful views. 




The entire route is rather long and, in some places, also quite strenuous, so it is divided into six stages. The total length of the Walking Circle is 89 kilometers and has more than 5.000 altitude meters of ascents and descents. Always take with you a suitable hiking equipment, shoes, a backpack with extra clothes, sunscreen, food, and drinks.  


The view from Žirovski vrh, author: Jošt Gantar


At Restaurant Jager in Dolenja Dobrava, hikers receive cards with marked checkpoints where they can enter stamps outlining their progress in the Walking Circle. The checkpoints are also marked on the map. Once all 18 stamps are collected, that is after walking the entire route, hikers receive a prize. 


Walking Circle signpost, author: Katja Jemec


If you want to combine activities in nature with culture, history, and ethnology, then choose one of the thematic trails. From more than 10 thematic trails, you will definitely find the one that you will embark on with the greatest interest in what you will discover. Some of them are also guided by prior arrangement, and the tour guides will further enrich your journey with many interesting stories and information. 


View towards the church on Bukov Vrh, author: Jošt Gantar


While discovering the beauties of the Poljanska Valley, the path will also take you past natural and cultural attractions and mountain huts. You are warmly welcomed in each of them, and you will also be treated to delicious traditional dishes typical for this area. This is one more reason not to hesitate and visit the Poljanska Valley. 


Bread from brick oven at farm Zamuda, author: Jošt Gantar


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