Escape from the heat to Poljanska Valley

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Lucija Kavčič

Lucija Kavčič

The real summer has begun when daily temperatures approach or even exceed 30 degrees Celsius. High temperatures and strong sunray lead us to seek shelter and refreshment on every step. Extremely green and wooded Poljanska Valley is perfect for hiding in the shadow of the trees and cooling down your body, as the air humidity in the forest is slightly higher and the temperatures are lower than outdoors. Walking and recreation in the forest have a very beneficial effect on the body. Besides that, forests also offer a variety of fruits, such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and mushrooms. You can treat yourself on the spot or take them with you.


1 Discover the history of Žirovski Vrh

You can feel the intertwining of unspoiled nature and history in Žirovski Vrh. It can be accessed on a variety of trails (hiking and thematic ones) through mostly beech and spruce forests. Following the Path through Zala you will discover the story of Canon Amandus, who was attacked and badly wounded by a bear while hunting. He was taken care of by Katarina, and despite the prohibition, a spark of love ignited between them. You will learn how the plot thickens during the walk through the forests of Žirovski Vrh. For those, whom several hours of walking don't represent an obstacle, you can, accompanied by a guide, walk the longer version of the thematic trail along the Rupnik Line and visit the fortification on Hrastov grič. At the end you can refresh yourself in a hut on Javorč.


Thematic Trail along the Rupnik line, author: Boštjan Bogataj


2 On the ramble through the Polhov Gradec hills

A popular hiking spot is also Bukov vrh. The trail is interesting, unpretentious, and suitable for all age groups. In the past people used to go on a pilgrimage into the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows on the Bukov vrh because of the headaches. Even today a walk through the forests on the way calms the soul and heart. The view in front of the church opens up over the Škofja Loka and Cerkno hills all the way to the Triglav. You can continue towards Pasja ravan, the second highest peak of the Polhov Gradec hills. Pasja ravan was in the past the highest peak of the mentioned hills, but the Yugoslav army lowered its peak in order to set up a missile base. Numerous bunkers and military trenches were also built next to it, the remains of which are still visible today. Today is Pasja ravan certainly better known for its weather radar. If you go on a hike along the Beekeeper's Path, you can visit the Tourist Farm Ljubica nearby, where they will be happy to serve you home-made delicacies.


The view from Pasja ravan, author: Lucija Kavčič


3 Rest your eyes on the beautiful views of Cerkno ...

A trip to the eastern parts of Cerkno hills offers you beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The most popular peaks are Slajka, Špik and Ermanovec. You can combine these three peaks into a circular tour starting in Hotavlje. The path first takes you through a mostly beech forest to Slajka. At the top you can rest at the Tourist Hut on Slajka, which is famous for its tea made from real mountain flowers. Then you continue the ascent to Špik and enjoy the view of the Julian Alps. After a short descent past Osojnica, you ascend again towards Ermanovec. The path to the hill is a real balsam for the soul and at the top you will find meadows and a mountain hut, and you will be rewarded with a beautiful viewpoint of the Julian Alps and the Dolomites.


The view from Slajka, author: Jošt Gantar


4 ...and Škofja Loka hills

The entire Škofja Loka hills are also popular among hikers, as many peaks, hiking and thematic trails invite you to a hike. Among the peaks, the most popular are Blegoš, Stari vrh, Mladi vrh, Malenski vrh and Koprivnik. Attractive and too pretentious paths lead to all the peaks through mixed, mostly beech forests. On Blegoš and Stari vrh you can refresh yourself in a hut, while other peaks offer »merely« beautiful views and excellent experiences. On Malenski vrh you can also see the great baroque Church of the Assumption of Mary, which attracted hundreds of pilgrims in the past. Many thematic trails lead to the mentioned peaks. Valentine's Trail, Meteorite Trail, Hunters' Trail, Path between the Mountains, Thematic trail Blossoms in Autumn and Javorje – Žetina – Javorje Hiking Trail are special in their own way, and each will offer you a different experience.


Hut Stari vrh, author: Katja Jemec


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