Poljane Hills Cup

Route description

The Poljane Hills Cup (Pokal Polanskih puklov) is a mixture of five exceptional cycling ascents, namely to Stari vrh, Javorč, Pasja ravan, Lubnik and Blegoš. This is a combination of driving on time and driving for pleasure while scoring all five races, which are organized every year by local organizers in the area of the Poljane Valley. The route leads cyclists along various roads, side paths and trails they may not have known before. These are magical wanderings through undiscovered, unexplored corners of Slovenia! 

Every year the cup is marked by excellent cyclists, good atmosphere, friendly locals, new records and the pleasure of looking at the beauties and attractions of the surrounding hills. 


21.2.2022 Picture from the web.

Completion of rapid HAG test in Gorenja vas

With the release of measures related to virus COVID-19, it was completed the implementation of rapid HAG test in Sokolski dom in Gorenja vas.   For more information about...

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Sustainability Report 2021

We present you the sustainability report for year 2021.

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13.12.2021 Sašo Kočevar

Gorenja vas accepted to Best Tourism Village Upgrade Programme

Institution for tourism Poljanska dolina and Municipality Gorenja vas - Poljane applied in the middle of the year 2021 for the best example village Best Tourism Village by...

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Why is Stari vrh so appealing in all seasons?

Stari vrh is a popular destination in all seasons. In the winter, you can test your skills on the white slopes, while the rest of the year you can walk along the hiking trails, visit the Stari vrh Family-Adventure Park, or simply refresh yourself in the hut just below the peak. If you plan on staying in Stari vrh for several days, there are numerous friendly providers in the surrounding area.

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