Climate changes and their influence on environment of Poljane Valley

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Rapid economic, socio-economic, and social development and uncontrolled use of fossil fuels are increasingly leading to changes in the global as well as the local environment, in which the consequences represents in climate change.

Climate and related processes in the environment are one of our greatest assets, greatly influencing the life of each of us. Based on numerous scientific articles and research, changes that are happening, are influenced by man through his actions and interference with natural processes. On of most common factors is the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but is only one reason of the many with negative effect.


To protect the natural cycle of our planet, it is important to implement sustainable concepts in our everyday life, which encourage and harmonize with natural processes. With this, Municipality of Gorenja vas – Poljane joined the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, which offers a collection of measures and recommendations, that help to respects and pursue sustainable principles.


As elsewhere in the world, we can already feel the negative effects for the environment and the life of each of us at the regional and local level due to climate change. In the area of Poljane Valley, negative effects include higher frequency of floods, changing microclimate (lack of snow), longer and hotter summers, rapid and unpredictable intrusions of cold air, which affect agriculture and the diverse fauna and flora in the valley. The negative consequences also include air pollution and light pollution, which does not yet exceed the warning values, but is increasing every year. All these changes are dictated by the actions of individuals as well as the economy, and the tourism sector also contributes its share.


The concept of Green Scheme based on larger number of collected data and variables, provides information on where the destination achieves good standards and where there is still rom for improvement. We are please to note that the Municipality of Gorenja vas – Poljane already largely respects the principles and guidelines of sustainable development and can be an example to other areas, as it takes good care of energy sustainability using renewable energy sources, is aware of consequences of traffic congestion and light pollution, rehabilitates degraded areas, restores the natural environment in accordance with environmental guidelines, takes care of decentralized development, invests heavily in the protection of natural and cultural values and the natural environment in general, organizes workshops and trainings for legal entities and individuals and actively participates in new tenders and projects in the field of the environment, which points in the right direction.


We should be aware that the negative effects of climate change are global problem that needs to be addressed at global level, and any successful geographical unit serve as an example of good practice for other areas.

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