Anton Ažbe

Due to his poor health, they initially wanted to educate him as a merchant, but he chose to become an artist. Ažbe first studied in the Ljubljana workshop of the painter and fresco painter Janez Wolf. After studying at the academy, his painting progress was remarkable, and he also opened his own drawing and painting school, where painting students were able to freely transfer their ideas onto the canvas. That Ažbe's school was really of high quality is proved by the fact that it was also supported by official academies, both the Munich and Saint Petersburg one, which recognized its exceptional pedagogical quality. 

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There are only a few preserved paintings by Anton Ažbe – 9 drawings and 8 oil paintings.

In his oeuvre, Ažbe strived for realism and the use of pure subdued colours, and his works reflect the artist’s emotionality. He mainly painted portraits, and one of his most famous works is Black Girl (Zamorka). He participated in the first “Slovenian Art Exhibition in Ljubljana” in 1900 and the first Yugoslav art exhibition in Belgrade in 1904. He was very proud of receiving the decoration of the Knight Order of Franz Joseph and the Order of St. Sava. 



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