Public swimming areas in which you will definitely enjoy

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Jošt Gantar

Jošt Gantar

Unbearable heat and high temperatures are an incentive for many people to look for popular places to refresh. As the main watercourse of the Poljanska Valley, Poljanska Sora river offers as many as five natural swimming areas, where you can enjoy fresh air to the full and at the same time enjoy the sounds of the slow tinkling of the river. All natural swimming areas in the Poljanska Valley are free of charge and at one's own risk.



1 Natural swimming area Škribovc

In the Trebija village, you will find the natural swimming area named Škribovc. The path to the swimming area takes you past the first of the five wooden covered bridges over the Poljanska Sora river, which are characteristic for the Poljanska Valley. The recently renovated swimming area covers more than two thousand square meters and is equipped with two stone tables, chairs, and waste bins. For some activity, there is also a volleyball court and rope walking, named »slackline«. You can park your vehicles next to the Pizzeria Marco Polo, where you can also get refreshments, if you get hungry while swimming.  


Natural swimming area Škribovc, author: Jošt Gantar


2 Natural swimming area Podgora

If you continue your journey from Trebija towards Podgora, after only a few minutes of driving you can turn right from the main road to the second covered wooden bridge over Poljanska Sora river. You can park your vehicle in front of the bridge. The footpath then leads you to the left towards the natural swimming area Podgora. The latter is a bit more »wild«, but therefore no less attractive for relaxing and enjoying in peace and beauty of unspoiled nature.


Natural swimming area Podgora, author: Kristina Bogataj


3 Natural swimming area Martinček’s rock

A popular place to cool off, even among the locals, is Martinček’s rock. The swimming area is located between Podgora and Hotavlje. You can park your vehicle beside the main road above the swimming area, and then go by foot down the forest path. For lunch, you can go to the nearby inn Gostilna Lipan, where they will serve you local specialties. Jut a step further, you can see the third wooden covered bridge.  


Natural swimming area Martinček's rock, author: Miha Pustavrh


4 Natural swimming area Poljane

The natural swimming area in Poljane nad Škofjo Loko is the youngest of all natural swimming areas and has well-kept wooden platform. You can reach the swimming area if you turn from the roundabout in Poljane over Poljanska Sora river towards Črni vrh. After 400 meters you park in the parking lot next to the road and you are already at the swimming area. For lunch, you can walk to the center of Poljane to inn Na Vidmu or have have a snack at bar Luštn' pod Lipo. For a short recreation before refreshment, you can climb to the viewpoint above Poljane.  


Natural swimming area in Poljane, author: Jošt Gantar


5 Natural swimming area Visoko

In the village Na Logu, you turn over Poljanska Sora river and park immediately after the bridge. You continue your path on foot and after 200 meters the path branches off to the Poljanska Sora riverbed. While relaxing, you can also walk to the Visoko Manor and enjoy culinary delights from the coffees shop in a beautiful ambient.  


Natural swimming area Visoko, author: Kristina Bogataj


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