Luka Jeran

He founded the first Slovenian student kitchen for poor students iLjubljana, and collected contributions for their survival and schooling. He was a priest, missionary, poet, writer, journalist and a great benefactor, who dedicated his life entirely to the youth and care for the pupils and students. 

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He was the editor of the Catholic newspaper Zgodnja Danica, where he published letters from missions, prose and poems.

He went on missions twice but always had to return due to ill health. He then devoted himself to charity on home soil. In Ljubljana, he founded the People's and Student Kitchen for Poor Students. With his contributions, he provided a warm meal for countless students and also helped them with their studies with other gifts. He was one of the most educated men of his time and was fluent in some Oriental languages ​​and several European languages, allowing him to correspond with missionaries around the world. He wrote one of the most famous poems about Mary – Mary through Life (Marija skoz življenjeand many others. 

He received a high ecclesiastical recognition  he was named papal chamberlain. 



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