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Did you know that you have a full opportunity to relax in the Poljane Valley, regain energy, escape from everyday life and discover the secrets that the valley offers for you?

Gorenja vas - Poljane is a safe municipality with a lot of natural and cultural heritage. The valley is known for the love that Ivan Tavčar himself wrote about, for the creativity portrayed by the Šubic family and for the stunning views that you can see if you climb Blegoš or any other hill in the valley.

Following the coronavirus epidemic, the recommendations of the profession and the selection of consumers are safe and trustworthy destinations that are still unsaturated with tourism, are sustainable and have a boutique offer of both urban experiences and opportunities for outdoor activities.




We offer many different options to explore, both cultural and natural.


The Visoko manor, with its renovated façade, reigns at the entry of the Poljane Valley. In it you can see four museum collections, and at the end you can enjoy homemade cakes in Kavarna Visoko (Coffee Shop Visoko). The shade of the mighty trees once planted by the Tavčar's gardener will inevitably keep visitors in a pleasant coolness. Here they can be pampered with fragrant coffee or cakes made especially for the guests of Kavarna Visoko (Coffee Shop Visoko). This year we have developed special cocktails from local ingredients, which with their aroma take us back to the time of our ancestors.


Take a look at the once most important painting workshop in Slovenia in Šubič's house. Let the guide take you through the whole house, through the art of the painters of the Šubič family.


Rupnik Line takes you back to the time between the two world wars. Why were all the bunkers and forts built? Take a walk along the thematic trail along the Rupnik line, or have a guide take you along one of the largest preserved fortifications of the Rupnik line. This way you will answer all the questions that arose in your head and at the same time will be amazed with the majesty of the underground fortress.


The Poljane Valley is also known for its covered bridges. Will you discover everything? You can also see the birth house of the painter Anton Ažbe, a granary with a museum collection of old farm tools, take a walk through the mills we still have or see the Žirovski vrh mine with an open-air museum.






Sports enthusiasts will also experience a varied holiday here and find a paradise for themselves - your effort will be well rewarded with breathtaking views.


The environment here is ideal for cycling and hiking trails between fragrant meadows and forests and breathtaking vantage points.

There is also a municipal cycling route, which is 115 km long, 3,400 meters of ascents and descents, goes along the borders of the municipality of Gorenja vas - Poljane and offers beautiful views. Do not forget the control card - fully filled with stamps from the checkpoints, it opens the door to a nice prize and a draw for the main prizes. If you want guided bike tours, there are two great agencies available, HourAway and GreenHills, where they offer bike rental and guided tours.


The hiking circle of the municipality of Gorenja vas - Poljane, which hikers overcome in stages, boasts 89 km with a total altitude difference of more than 5,000 meters. It is divided into 14 stages. There are also many other different themed trails that are suitable for active hikers as well as for families and anyone who loves green. Just come and see for yourself. Also, do not forget the control card, as you will receive a prize at the end. Visit mountain huts, which offer home-made dishes, tourist farms, where you can also try yourself at daily farm chores, or local accommodation and food providers, where you will get a good night's sleep and eat well. For the final touch, stop at individual tourist attractions, to which a local guide can take you.These are the Šubič House, the Visoko Manor and the Rupnik Line.


At Stari vrh, the Stari vrh family-adrenaline park offers you an adrenaline experience for the whole family, as the routes are divided into different levels of difficulty, adapted from the age of 2.


Do you like fishing? This is also available to you from the dam in Hotavlje to the bridge in Log nad Škofjo Loko. And do not forget your fishing permit. You can get it at the Gostilna Lipan Restaurant.


Do you want a slightly different adrenaline experience? Are you passionate about riding? Then Fifi Ranch is perfect for you. If you want cross-country riding, they will take you through unspoiled nature through varied terrain, off-road trails, to the top of the hills, where you will be left speechless by the beauties of the Poljane Valley.


Would you like to try paragliding? You have the opportunity to do this with us. The Kragulj Sovodenj Aviation Association is preparing an unforgettable experience for you, and the beautiful views will fascinate you.


We must not forget about winter sports, as the ski resort on Stari vrh offers all the joys of day and night skiing. It boasts a varied offer of ski slopes, and offers activities for those who do not ski, but still like to indulge in the joys of winter. In the snow park you can try a toboggan run, a bobsled track, a small ski jump or have fun with children on children's playgrounds.



You can find a lot of different offers for accomodation and food. Find the one suitable for you. 

  • Apartment DolinarJanez Dolinar;; 031/211-342; Poljanska cesta 66, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Apartment Teloh; Jasmina Likar;; 031/859-696; Studor 12, 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Apartments GornikŽiga Gornik; 041/856-084; Četena Ravan 3, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 
  • Apartments Za grapo, Sonja Verčič;; 041/378-452; Laze 1, 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Cabin ErmanovecPD Sovodenj; Lovro Telban; info@pd-sovodenj.si051/256-881; Stara Oselica 71, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Homestead Tešnak; Dušan Kavčič;; 041/419-031; Hotavlje 17, 4224 Gorenja vas  
  • Glamping Laze; Mojca Ribič;; 041/665-548; Laze 8; 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Restaurant Blegoš; Matjaž Šturm;; 040/203-322; Javorje 5, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 
  • Restaurant Jager, Mateja Čadež;; 041/948-705; Dolenja Dobrava 2b, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Restaurant LipanJanez Filipič;; 041/793-357; Hotavlje 5, 4224 Gorenja vas  
  • Restaurant Metka; Jasmina Likar;; 031/859-696; Studor 12, 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Restaurant Na Vidmu; Boštjan Poljanšek;; 04 510 96 10; Poljane 27, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko
  • Inn Stari vrh; Gregor Štefe;; 041/682-082; Zapreval 5, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 
  • Inn Taverna Petra; Klemenčič Petra;; 041/790-247; Poljanska cesta 104, 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Coffee Shop Ajda; Petra Fortuna;; 031/821-466; Sestranska vas 55; 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Coffee Shop Visoko; Martina Ambrožič Tušar;; 030/489-177; Visoko pri Poljanah 1, 4220 Škofja Loka; 
  • Agrotourism Davčen; Jerneja Dolenc; davcen@siol.net041/876-632; Četena Ravan 7, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko (večinoma šolske skupine) 
  • Agrotourism OžbetKržišnik Janez;; 041/350-283; Četena Ravan 6, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko (samo šolske in vrtčevske skupine) 
  • Agrotourism Pri TavčarjuMarko Dolenc; marko.dolenc@siol.net04/518-80-24; Četana Ravan 2, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko (večinoma šolske skupine) 
  • Cabin Blegošu; Maja Ravnikar; majaravnikar05@gmail.com031/784-448 
  • Hunting Cabin Javorč; Saša Pivk Avsec,; 051/697-736; Žirovski vrh sv. Urbana; 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Mountain Hut Pr’ Mrzl’k; PD Žiri; Luka Žakelj; pdziri@pzs.si031/452-860; Loška cesta 17, 4226 Žiri 
  • Lenart hotel; Luka Brzin;; 041/650-321; Podvrh 1, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 
  • Agrotourism Ljubica; Ljubica Stanonik;; 041/676-703; Vinharje 10, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko
  • Agrotourism Podmlačan; Olga Debeljak;; 031/615-721; Jarčje Brdo 2; 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 
  • Agrotourism Pri Boštjanovcu; Banič Gašper;; 031/389-306; Hotavlje 34, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Tourist rooms Matic; Marjeta Jezeršek;; 041/844-306; Hotavlje 3, 4224 Gorenja vas;
  • Agro tourism Žgajnar; Jana in Matej Demšar;; 051/663-232; Zapreval 3, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 




Below you will find some of the farms, where you can find fresh products and you can also buy them. 

  • Beekeping Mur; Simon Mur;; 031/413-131; Podgora 18, 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Karlovski mill; Marija in Jernej Lampreht;; 041/292-355; Žirovski vrh Sv. Antona 1, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Farm Bogataj; Tilka Bogataj;; 040/246-660; Poljanska cesta 18, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Farm Martinuc; Milena Miklavčič;; 041/657-192; Dolenja Ravan 2, 4223 Poljane 
  • Farm Matic; Danilo Jezeršek;; 041/424-789; Hotavlje 3, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Farm Andrejon; Anka Vodnik;; 051/389-108; Gorenja Žetina, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 
  • Farm Pr' Bukovc; Alojz Krek;; 041/864-152; Žirovski vrh 44, 4226 Žiri
  • Farm Pr' Dimšarji; Nežka Demšar;; 041/705-796; Krnice pri Novakih 9, 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Farm Pr' Jakuc; Štefan Inglič; 04/510-93-93; Srednja vas 2, 4223 Poljane 
  • Farm Pr’ Jeran; Ana in Miha Gantar; 041/296-075; Žirovski vrh Sv. Urbana 2, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Farm Pr' Jurnčk; Nastja Burnik;; 041/603-403; Dolenja Dobrava 4, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Farm Pr’ Petelin; Katarina in Roman Bogataj;; 031/348-344; Gorenje Brdo 1; 4223 Poljane 
  • Farm Pr’ Šupc; Petra Potočnik;; 041/245-219; Hotavlje 9, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Farm Pustotnik; Elizabeta Brence;; 04/510-73-10; Poljanska cesta 19, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Farm Zamuda; Majda in Zvone Možina;; 031/641-480; Dolenčice 9, 4223 Poljane 
  • Farm Žunar; Jožef Jereb;; 04/510-80-90; Stara Oselica 61a; 4225 Sovodenj;
  • Bakery Lužar; Majda Hladnik;; 051/410-116; Kladje 18, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Homestead Posavec; Dušan Pintar;; 041/688-241; Sestranska vas 41, 4224 Gorenja vas




For activities we listed above, we have contact details below. 

  • Gliding Association Kragulj, Jože Reven;; 031/213-386; Hobovše pri Stari Oselici 3a, 4225 Sovodenj 
  • Adrenaline park Stari vrhMarija Dolenc;; 031/476-591; Senožeti 18, 4201 Zgornja Besnica 
  • Gamsar, brewery and destileryMiha Primožič;; 051/482-265; Čabrače 4a, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • GreenHills; Jernej Demšar;; 041/660-101; Trata 4; 4220 Škofja Loka 
  • HourAway; Nejc Peternelj;; 031/796-133; Javorje 20a, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko 
  • Marble Hotavlje; Lucija Hamer;; 04/507-00-00; Hotavlje 40, 4224 Gorenja vas;
  • Climbing Association Cempin; Jakob Stanonik;; Poljane 77, 4223 Poljane nad Škofjo Loko
  • Ranch Fifi; Tajša Boštic Pintar;; 031/488-991; Hotavlje 21, 4224 Gorenja vas 
  • Ski centre STC Stari vrh;; 031/663-235; Sv. Lenart 51, 4227 Selca 



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Visit Poljane Valley

Did you know that you have a full opportunity to relax in the Poljane Valley, regain energy, escape from everyday life and discover the secrets that the valley offers for...

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